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The Lady Company


The lady is a production and marketing company that offers a wide range of services. Besides content production and media consulting services, we provides a unique and integrated marketing model for our clients. Utilizing our influential online platforms, social media channels, and top influencers in the middle east to maximize your business reach to the right clients. The lady digital brand (THE LADY) is a news and entertainment platform that covers unique content related to the women in the middle east, ranging from lifestyle and educational content, to mindful living and seasonal fashion.

Mission and vision statement

Twentieth-century technologies and approaches to content that replaced more traditional media, are now being replaced themselves by dynamic new digital technologies and a new understanding of media and its potential. This new concept of media has three integrated elements: powerful content, advanced technology such as the latest AI, and sustainability. These three elements are the core of The lady. Our mission is to be the voice of the middle east ladies, providing A-to-Z productions and marketing services for women-related products, enabling companies interested in reaching out to the women in the middle east.



Our Production Services not only aim to assist you in achieving your goals but also to develop your presence in your respective field locally, regionally, and internationally through our network of connections.

Content Writing

Video Production

Post Production


The Lady creates and develops powerful campaigns that serve to inspire and inform a wide variety of target audiences.

Digital Campaigns

Influencers Marketing

Event Media Relations


Consultancy Services offers unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, real business insight, and practical solutions.

Personal Branding

Strategic communication

Media Relations

Talent management

We help talents, creators and influencers get the best deals, supporting their personal branding and PR activities

Get in touch

Get in touch with our customers representative Manager, to understand your needs and provides with best deals.